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Entanglement: The Multiversal Score

very often always: Ash Reid & Liene Rozīte / Video

Wysing Arts Centre
5 September 2015

I guess the problem is is that all of these, I mean any idea of a like subject who, you know, not to get all like fucking apparatus-y about it, but like you know, any, like anything that is deemed normal or ok or like mentally stable is also like not a real thing and you know it’s like yea,

I guess it’s like what do you, what do you address in these structures and what, would be different and how, how do you, how do you make people feel like ok when like everything is so kind of fluid and there’s no way of like kind of like guaranteeing anyone’s gonna actually be able to feel happy in every single part of themselves because everything is affected by everything else


so yea

so we’re all doomed

About the Artists

Since 2012 Ash and Liene have performed together using mainly their telephones. In conversation about women, labour, performativity and subjecthood, the duo’s recent projects have included anyway, we can talk about our performance because this is, life as part of the exhibition VH-16-22-7-12-3-22-5 Dreams of Machines by Victor & Hester at Transmission Gallery, Glasgow and 200 people want your job, a pre-recorded intervention at Google Useless Radio’s live show Future of Entertainment, Old Hairdressers, Glasgow.

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