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Entanglement: The Multiversal Score

Future//Past: a series of interventions into The Greatest Hits of the Spice Girls: Lisa Busby

Wysing Arts Centre
5 September 2015

This work, developed over the course of a year, comprises six audio works for walkman, and the newly completed video performance made whilst on residency at Wysing, alongside the projected score of the whole cycle:

Sonic Interventions [presented on tape]
1   Stop   800% original duration
2   Spice up your life   Passed through 3000 limiters, overlaid with
3   2 become 1   3 reflections without original
4   La Isla Forever   Side by side, 10% original duration[s]
5   Because Miley hasn’t got back to Kathleen   Grrl/Girl Collage
6   Future//Past   20 voices - together, phasing, separately

Performance Instruction
1   Wannabe: A story from A to Z Text presented alphabetically and video
    performance [Appendices = Guide to location of words in original text
    and performers annotated score]

About the Artist

Lisa Busby is a musician, artist and DJ. She performs and composes with bands Rutger Hauser and Sleeps in Oysters. She is particularly interested in using domestic or outdated playback media as instruments and developing extended technique for these new instruments, but also works in installation and site specifically. Past works have involved the building of large-scale environments or installations both indoors and out, within which she undertakes long duration, sounding performances, in some cases living and making music within the installation for weeks at a time. Her recent works have combined Fluxus-inspired score-writing with collage and DJ practices. In her day job she is Lecturer in Music at Goldsmiths, University of London, and runs two research projects: Editions of You, a celebration and showcase of self-publishing, self-releasing musicians and the handmade editions and releases they create, and Shit! I can DJ that explores experimental and crossover DJ practice.

Further videos:
The Red Crane Quartet play Pauline Oliveros
very often always: Ash Reid & Liene Rozīte
our word is our bond: Ain Bailey, Holly Ingleton & Johnny Pavlatos

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