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Entanglement: The Multiversal Score

our word is our bond: Ain Bailey, Holly Ingleton & Johnny Pavlatos / Video

Wysing Arts Centre
5 September 2015

our word is our bond is a collaborative performance between Ain Bailey, Johnny Pavlatos and Holly Ingleton based upon a performance score derived from histories of colonial immigration legislation. The performance of this score engages processes of narrative performativity, further derived from queer feminist theorist Lynne Huffer's Are the Lips a Grave: A queer feminist on the ethics of sex (2013). our word is our bond emerges through a socially embedded model of reading, which by necessity, engages in and seeks to problematise the confessional scene through the demand to ’speak the truth’ embedded within current discourses of nationality and citizenship. Such a model of reading insists on the narrative dimension of subjectivity and belonging whilst simultaneously embodying alternating identifications and disidentifications "between subject and other, narrator and narratee, text and world" (Huffer 2013, 70). The performance of this score as a socially embedded reading then provides a means by which we may learn not only to speak, but also to listen in a different idiom, as an ethical listening for the differend. our word is our bond performs this listening, as one in which the gaps between self and other are woven into the fabric of the narrative.

About the Artists

Ain Bailey is a sound artist and DJ from London. Her electroacoustic compositions utilise field recordings, sounds and processing. These are inspired by ideas and reflections on silence/absence, architectural urban spaces and feminist activism. Her compositions are created for a variety of forms, including multichannel and mixed media installations, moving image soundtracks, dance and live performance. Bailey, together with Dr Karen Wells of the Department of Geography, Environment and Development Studies at Birkbeck, University of London, is a recipient of a 2015 Leverhulme Trust Artist-In-Residence Award. The residency project AGORA investigates the idea of the forming of a public/congregation within architectural spaces through compositions - sites include The British Museum and St. Georges, Bloomsbury.

Johnny Pavlatos is a DJ, composer, blogger, reader & social media critic. His practice addresses questions of socio-cultural subjectivity, exploring issues of queerness, inclusion and exclusion through sound art, radiophonic art, performance and public installations. Johnny's projects aim to develop a socially engaged practice which is formalised in collaborative performances with other artists, leaning towards public performance. Past projects have included the public sound installation P.I.A.N.O., funded by an Australian Public Arts research grant, and the collaborative project Plateau_589, a year-long Artist Run Initiative in a disused shopfront in Melbourne, Australia, exhibiting audiovisual interventions by local artists to passers by for over a year. Currently, Johnny hosts JOAK: into the great electronic unknown on

Holly Ingleton is a cultural worker and feminist sound studies scholar whose transdisciplinary performative practice explores sound in an expanded and often dematerialised field through archives, conversations, interventions, hidden herstrories and historical amnesias, tuning into feminist frequencies within sites of the juxtapolitical. Holly is involved as archivist and educator for the Her Noise Archive, editor of and founding co-collaborator of Sound:Gender:Feminism:Activism. She has performed and exhibited in the UK, Australia and Greece, talks at festivals and symposia internationally, has published in Reflections on Process in Sound and Women and Music: A Journal of Gender and Culture (forthcoming) and has recently completed the doctoral research, Composing Paradoxes: Feminist Process in Sound Arts and Experimental Musics. Holly currently lives in London and is Associate Lecturer Sound Arts and Design at London College of Communication.

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