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Her Noise Documentary, 2006

Her Noise - The Making Of

Dir. Electra with Emma Hedditch 60 minutes, DVD

Her Noise - The Making Of is an exclusive compilation from the Her Noise project featuring new, previously unscreened footage. The video documents the development of the Her Noise project between 2001 and 2005.

Featuring interviews with: Diamanda Galas, Lydia Lunch, Kim Gordon, Jutta Koether, Peaches, Marina Rosenfeld, Kembra Pfhaler, Chicks On Speed, Else Marie Pade, Kaffe Matthews, Emma Hedditch and the show's curators; Lina Dzuverovic and Anne Hilde Neset.

The documentary features excerpts from live performances by Erase Errata, Kevin Blechdom, Lydia Lunch and events during the exhibition at South London Gallery: Kim Gordon, Jutta Koether and Jenny Hoyston (Erase Errata) at the opening of Her Noise, Christina Carter, Heather Leigh Murray, Ana Da Silva (The Raincoats), Spider And The Webs, Partyline, Marina Rosenfeld's Emotional Orchestra at Tate Modern.