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Pauline Oliveros, To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation/ Video

Rachel Aggs (violin)
Viv Corringham (voice)
Angharad Davies (violin)
Sharon Gal (voice)
Naomi Graham (recorder)
Holly Ingleton (laptop)
Kraabel (alto sax)
Cathy Lane (EMS synthi)
Lina Lapelyte (violin)
Sarha Moore (baritone sax)
Maggie Nicols (voice)
Greta Pistaceci (theremin)
Lucy Railton (cello)
Verity Susman (tenor sax)

Conductor: Claudia Molitor

Part of Her Noise:Feminisms and the Sonic organised by CRiSAP, Electra and Tate

Video: Ethan Reid and Kenichi Iwasa

Part 2

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