Curating Commissioning Producing


Goodiepal at Brown Mountain Festival
of Performing Arts

Slade Research Centre, London
16 - 18 October 2008

Electra was invited by Brown Mountain College to curate a performance for the festival. Electra asked Kristian Vester, a former pig-farmer from Denmark known as Goodiepal or, more recently, Gaeoudjiparl. One part musician, one part conceptual artist and one part performance artist, he is best known for playing vinyl records and Faroe folk instruments where he unveils an elaborate display of small, inexplicable, crafted objects, such as mechanical birds and models of planets. He also published intricately etched vinyl records that are pressed in extremely limited editions. For the festival, Goodiepal gave a performative talk.

Brown Mountain Festival provided a sample of the college's esoteric activities and also signalled its first major inter-institutional collaboration. Inviting a selection of co-producers and artists, the three evening event showcased a panoply of textures and timbres, from high-octane satire and wry eccentricity to optical ingenuity and verbal dexterity.

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