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Christian Marclay: The Sounds of Christmas

Tate Modern, North Lawn, London
10 - 22 December 2004

The Sounds of Christmas is an annual installation project by Christian Marclay, pioneer of the experimental turntable movement and leading artist operating at the intersections of art and music. Reinventing this work-in- progress for London, the artist presented his collection of over 1,200 Christmas records as a publicly accessible archive, alongside projections of the record covers and footage of previous performances.

During the two-week installation, co-produced by Electra and Tate Modern, noted DJs created live remixes of their own selection from Marclay's Christmas records. These recorded performances created a soundtrack for the space. Combining blatant sentimentality with vanguard experimentation, Marclay suggests that the categories distinguishing 'serious' music from its opposite are both arbitrary and arcane.


Friday 10 December 2004
Christian Marclay
Matt Wand

Saturday 11 December 2004
Strictly Kev (DJ Food)
Paul Hood (Resonance FM)

Friday 17 December 2004
Matt Black (Coldcut)
Bohman Brothers
Ergo Phizmiz

Saturday 18 December 2004
Janek Schaefer
People Like Us

Talks and Workshops:

Saturday 11 December 2004, Starr Auditorium
Christian Marclay in conversation with Rob Young

Wednesday 15th December 2004, Marclay Pavilion
Creative Archive: Creative Content In The Public Domain
Paul Gerhardt, Strategic Director, Creative Archive,
BBC in conversation with Lina-Dzuverovic (Electra)

In the midst of the plunderphonic universe of Christian Marclay's 'Sounds Of Christmas,' Paul Gerhardt discussed the significance of archives in the creation of new artistic content. The TV and radio archives of the BBC and other broadcasters represent a huge untapped source of creativity. New developments in technology and in attitudes to rights could be the keys to tapping into that resource. The BBC is leading the way with a pilot initiative, the Creative Archive. If successful, it would help to transform the BBC's relationship with its audiences by moving beyond broadcasting to the sharing and co-creation of content.

Saturday 18 December 2004, Marclay Pavilion
LektroLAB - Plunderphonics/Sound Collage DJ Workshop

This workshop covered aspects of DJing which look beyond the standard set of dance-music oriented techniques: mixing disparate music styles, turntable manipulation, controlled feedback, improvising, locked grooves and generally all things 'outside the box'. This workshop gave the opportunity for anyone with an interest in exploring a more creative side of DJing.

The Sounds Of Christmas was co-produced by Electra and Tate Modern

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