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Sound Escapes, 2009

Sound Escapes Reader

Featured Artists: Peter Cusack, Simon Elvins, Fédération Internationale des Chausseurs de Sons, Nikolaus Gansterer, Stephen Gill, Dan Holdsworth, Jacob Kirkegaard, Camille Norment, Dawn Scarfe and Thomson & Craighead

The catalogue is a comprehensive articulation of the Sound Escapes exhibition : an examination of the very nature of sound. The exhibition marked the culmination of an extensive interdisciplinary research project that has coupled artists with acousticians, engineers, and social scientists across the UK to explore how we can move beyond negative noise towards the idea of positive soundscapes.

Taking its form as both a reader and exhibition companion, the catalogue explains the Positive Soundscapes Project (PSP) Research Strands that informed and inspired the exhibition, including essays from the researchers, images of the artists work and profiling the artists and the works that were chosen to highlight the positivity of sound in our landscape.