Curating Commissioning Producing

On 1 July 2014 we received unexpected news that Arts Council England have decided not to continue to support Electra as an NPO. We are sad to announce that our current NPO funding will cease after March 2015. Whilst we do not anticipate that this decision will affect any of our programmes currently under development, we are now working towards securing the organisation's long term financial future.

Whilst we believe this decision does not reflect Electra's widely acknowledged record of achievement, we are grateful to have been in receipt of regular funding from Arts Council England since 2005, contributing towards a solid organisational basis for the many unique projects that we are so proud to have developed and presented, and we hope to work with Arts Council Enlgand in the future in other capacities. This continued support from Arts Council England has enabled Electra to flourish: developing our practice of independent, process-based relationships between artist, curator and audiences, which seeks to give projects space to find their own rhythm, public outputs, and discourse.

With NPO funding at a level of approximately £65,000 per annum over recent years, and often told that we "punch above our weight", we feel we have been able to make a significant impact on the many artists we have worked with, and for the audiences who have valued our work. We extend huge gratitude for all the support from artists, colleagues, funders, friends and wider audiences over the years. We feel overwhelmed by the support we have already received in this challenging moment, confirming more than ever the value of our work, which we will do everything within our power to continue.

Artists we have worked with to date include:

Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Holly Antrum
Tim Barnes
Vicki Bennett
Steve Beresford
Mareike Bernien
Blevin Blectum
The Bohman Brothers
Pauline Boudry
Sonia Boyce
John Butcher
MV Carbon
Angus Carlyle
Maria Chavez
Audrey Chen
Viv Corringham
Peter Cusack
Beatrice Dillon
Samuel Dowd
Simon Elvins
Tim Etchells
Fédération Internationale des Chasseurs de Sons
Luke Fowler
Nikolaus Gansterer
Stephen Gill
Melanie Gilligan
Michael Gira
Kenneth Goldsmith
Kim Gordon
Barbara Hammer
Carl Michael von Hausswolff
Bridget Hayden
Emma Hedditch
Will Holder
Dan Holdsworth
Karl Holmqvist
Claire Hooper
Holly Ingleton
Philip Jeck
Kelly Jayne Jones
Jakob Kirkegaard
Maya-Victoria Kjellstrand
Jutta Koether
Christina Kubisch
Cathy Lane
Isla Leaver-Yap
Heather Leigh
Annea Lockwood
Renate Lorenz
Pauline Boudry/ Renate Lorenz
Lydia Lunch
Sophie Macpherson
Christian Marclay
Daria Martin
Kaffe Matthews
Lia Mazzari
Tom McCarthy
Eline McGeorge
Claudia Molitor
Ikue Mori
Phil Morrison
Carlos Motta
Hayley Newman
Maggie Nichols
Annabel Nicolson
Camille Norment
Nurse With Wound
DJ Olive
Jim O'Rourke
Bob Ostertag
Tony Oursler
Charlemagne Palestine
Zeena Parkins
Francesco Pedraglio
Jennifer Pike Cobbing
Pil and Galia Kollectiv
Pauline Oliveros
Sherry Ostapovitch
Olivia Plender
Charlotte Prodger
Maja Ratkje
Lucy Reynolds
Lis Rhodes
James Richards
Tara Rodgers
Jon Ronson
Marina Rosenfeld
Dawn Scarfe
Kerstin Schroedinger
Danielle-Marie Shillingford
Richard Thomas
Cara Tolmie
Mareike Bernien/ Kerstin Schroedinger
Santiago Sierra
Matthias Sperling
Verity Susman
Ghédalia Tazartès
Sue Tompkins
J G Thirlwell
Thomson & Craighead
Wu Tsang
Roger Turner
Naomi Uman
Salomé Voegelin
Tony White
Carey Young
Andrea Zarza

Other institutions with whom we have worked to date include:

Arnolfini, Badischer Kunstverein (Karlsruhe, Germany), Barbican, Bergen Kunsthall (Norway), BFI, Cafe OTO, Calvert 22, Chisenhale, CRiSAP, Drugo more (Croatia), Flat Time House, Gasworks, Goethe Institut London, ICA London, IMT, Iniva, Kings Place, Kunstmuseet KUBE (Norway), Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers (Paris, France), London College of Communication, LUX, National Portrait Gallery, The Old Operating Theatre, Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen, Playground Festival (Belgium), Queen Mary's, The Showroom, South London Gallery, SPACE, Spike Island, Supersonic Festival, Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Tramway, The Wire magazine, Wysing