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Talks and panels

'A Fragile Existence'

ICA, London
1 February 2012 Link

Electra's Irene Revell contributed to the panel discussion exploring the work and challenges of women's film and video distributors, looking at the work of a number of historical and current institutions such as Circles, Women Make Movies, Cinenova, and the Women's Independent Film Exchange.

'Saturday Seminar: Lygia Pape'

Serpentine Gallery, London
10 December 2011 Link

A talk at the Serpentine Gallery with Electra's Fatima Hellberg on Lygia Pape and the Neo-Concrete movement.

'Spill Salon 1'

Barbican, London
21 April 2011 Link

In relation to sound based works in SPILL, Ashery invited for a joint conversation the artist, writer and curator Ian White, and Irene Revell, a co-director of Electra and part of the all-female noise/punk band Woolf. The discussion evolved around the constructions and grids of soundscapes, and their expanded meanings in White's and Revell's works.

'Dirty Literature'

Resonance FM, London
14 March 2011 Listen

In the days running up to their performance as part of the series Dirty Literature at the National Portrait Gallery, Tim Etchells and Tony White joined Electra's Fatima Hellberg to discuss the constraining and productive possibilities of playing with rules and systems in language.

'Artist's Film Club'

ICA, London
03 March 2011 Link

Electra's Lina Dzuverovic joined in conversation with artist Nada Prlja to discuss Prlja's latest project,Foreign Language for Beginners (2010).

'Producers' Desk'

JUSTMAD Artfair, Madrid Spain
20 February 2011 Link

Lina Dzuverovic presented the work of Electra as part of the Producers' Desks section of the artfair.

'Funding Your Show'

ECCA, University of the Arts London
02 February 2011 Link Watch

Electra's Lina Dzuverovic joined Matt Thompson and Peter Fraser to discuss the different funding options available when planning an exhibition.

'Electra at 98 Weeks'

98 Videos, Beirut, Lebanon
29 December 2010 Link

Electra Director Lina Dzuverovic presented the work of Electra and introduced Her Noise - The Making Of, a 60 minute documentary about the development of one of Electra's key projects on avant-garde female artists working with sound.

'Enemies of Good Art: Feminism Again'

Resonance 104.4 FM
19 November 2010 Listen

Electra's Irene Revell chaired a discussion on contemporary feminism and art, with Jude Kelly, Catherine Grant, Rachel Anderson and Martina Mullaney.

'Enemies of Good Art: Big Society'

Resonance 104.4 FM
5 November 2010 Listen

Electra's director, Lina Dzuverovic in discussion with Josie Appleton of the Manifesto Club, Paul Halliday from Goldsmiths University, and Martina Mullaney, photograher and co-founder of Enemies of Good Art.

'Futurising Conference'

29 June 2010 Link

Electra's Fatima Hellberg spoke at the Futurising Conference 2010 on the practical concerns and possibilities of realising projects within the model of the art agency. Here questions around collaboration with artists and institutions in the conception, organisation and production of exhibitions, public commissions, conferences, editorial and research initiatives were explored.

'Beyond the Academy:Research as Exhibition'

Tate Britain, London
14 May 2010 Link

Electra's Irene Revell joined Angus Carlyle on the panel discussion Exhibitions Through Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange.

'Rights for Artists'

ECCA University of the Arts, London
17 March 2010 Link

An introduction to copyright, moral and artist's resale rights. Speakers included Christian Zimmermann, Daniel Rudd and Electra's Lina Dzuverovic.

'Finding Funds For Your Show'

ECCA University of the Arts, London
04 March 2010 Link

Lina Dzuverovic, Christina Cunningham and Aldyth Crowther give advice on how to fundraise for your exhibition, from applying for government grants or corporate sponsorship to organising fundraising events, or just asking for favours. Download presentation

'Super-Diversity - Who Participates Now?'

Rivington Place, London
02 February 2010 Link

Lina Dzuverovic joins the debate at Rivington Place responding to Progress Reports - an exhibition of sculpture, graphics, painting and film exploring interpretations of 'cultural diversity' and changing attitudes since Iniva was founded 15 years ago.

'Where Do We Go From Here? A Salon Discussion'

Royal College of Art, London
27 January 2010 Link Link

A salon discussion exploring the current and possible future effects of the economic downturn on the production and presentation of contemporary art.

'Sound Escapes'

Queen Mary, University of London
14 October 2009 Link

Irene Revell presented on 'Building Successful Collaborations with Universities', reflecting on Electra's recent experience working with London College of Communication's Angus Carlyle on Sound Escapes, and working with MA Sound Arts graduates of London College of Communication for their final show, Audio Forensics, in 2008.

'Making the Case'

Tate Modern
15 September 2009 Link

For Making the case - what is it we need to be asking of government to enable the visual arts to flourish?, Lina Dzuverovic with the VAGA, addressed the backdrop of the then forthcoming General Election to consider future thinking for the arts and discussed how future challenges could be met and the case for the arts made.

'In conversation: the medium of sound'

INIVA, London
10 July 2009 Link

This conversation sought to explore the medium of sound in video installations with artists Cyril Lepetit and Mikhail Karikis. Electra's Lina Dzuverovic was invited to lead the conversation which used Zineb Sedira's film work as a starting point to examine collaboration encompassing sound art and sonic innovation.

'Bergen International Conference'

Bergen Kunsthall, Norway
09 May 2009 Link

Electra's Lina Dzuverovic was invited to take part in the Bergen International Conference, organised at Landmark at the Bergen Kunsthall, Norway.

'Venus Rising'

Resonance FM, London
01 October 2008 Listen

In this episode, presenter Sharon Gal was in conversation with Lina Dzuverovic and Irene Revell, where they discussed the work of Electra and specifically its role as an agency specialing in commissioning, producing and exhibiting art projects across disciplines, presenting them within the UK and internationally.

'Sonic Interventions'

MIT Visual Arts Program, USA
03 May 2007 Link

Lina Dzuverovic introduced the work of Electra's Her Noise initiative exploring music and sound histories in relation to gender, and 27 Senses which took the life and work of Merz artist and member of the DADA movement, Kurt Schwitters, as a starting point for the creation of a temporary zone for production and collaboration.


Fact & Liverpool School of Art & Design
30 March - 01 April 2006 Link

Lina Dzuverovic participated in the International Symposium on Curating New Media Art, to discuss the curation of new media art as the creation of interfaces with the art world, museum culture, media, publishing and academia.